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Re: Conmen

Post by Twanga » 29th January 2016, 10:51

Nut Crusher

These guys can make you believe and feel sorry for them. They are so craft. But now I have learnt not to even listen to any of them.

Re: Conmen

Post by nut crusher » 28th January 2016, 15:59

It never ceases to amaze me how people still fall for such scams. One time some idiot was trying to con me with a sobing story like this one. I ignored him entirely like he wasn't even there. Then 3 girls who happened to be nearby came over to the con man and gave him some money pointing to me sand saying something about how they saw me being so rude to the man by ignoring him. I just laughed to myself and knew that these con men thrive because of exactly stupid girls like those


Post by Twanga » 28th January 2016, 12:02

Dear Zambia,

Just wanted to warn people around. There are people around who are conning people that they've lost their wives whilst giving birth. Sometime in December 2015, I met a man in Northmead area pretending to be talking to someone on phone telling the other person on the other end that bana Mervis nabafwa. He went on to say he took his supposedly wife to UTH around 03 am and she went straight into theatre but unfortunately they only brought the baby saying his wife passed on. So hospital management asked him to go buy milk and baby blankets. He went on to say so apa am looking for money. Then he stood and pretended to be crying. I was almost tempted to give him my last K100 but I needed to buy something urgently so I just let it pass, but feeling very bad actually.

When I got home, I narrated to my young sister who later told me she also met someone who did exactly that sometime back and she gave that man a K50.
Now, this is when we concluded it is a scam. Some might be genuine, but how can one tell.

Thought of sharing to warn people.