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Re: clearance help

Post by good advice » 15th August 2018, 11:50

Mulofa my man

you been smoking weed again, haven't you?

Listen young man, weed is good only for those who can handle it. Clearly you cannot.

Maybe you should ask a God for help. You may need an alternative to weed. In Her wisdom, God will guide you. She is very resourceful

Re: clearance help

Post by Richard mulofwa » 14th August 2018, 13:04

you can reply on the following address;

clearance help

Post by Richard mulofwa » 14th August 2018, 13:00

Dear Zambia,

I'm in need of financial help from my bank fnb now I got K3000 from unity finance which I delayed paying due to not understanding the way to paying back coz the cashier told me to pay in cash and i had travelled not knowing I can pay from any of their offices but I payed back with other charges now I have problems with my clearance I really need help I'm in pressure what can I do to clear the days in arrears?