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Re: Mint lounge

Post by User » 8th August 2010, 00:37

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Re: Mint lounge

Post by mercedes » 6th August 2010, 10:41

Oh NO NO NO!!! 'We' not the only ones complaining! I was there last week over lunch, it took 10 mins for us to be attended to, a good 40min for my light meal to come with a wrong drink order! I had to request that they pack my meal for a take away. Eish i was disturbed! Next to my table were two white men who were complaining about the service and oops when their drinks came out the waiter dropped the milkshake on the table. Then i knew i was treated that way because I am black, but because the owner is avoiding costs by hiring cheap, inefficient, incompetent labour.

Some of us are willing to pay the price for quality but if you go to such a place pay a good K50,000 for a burger and eat it whilst fuming, I'ld rather grab a sub from subway and have a happy lunch hour! The owner should invest and train atleast 3people who can take on new joiners! The waiters and waitresses look nothing but to busy with their empty trays and it's all beacause they are too overwhelmed they dont know where to start from. We'l visit the place more often because the food is good and the environment cosy!

Surely you can't make a booking everytime you want to grab a quick snack!

Re: Mint lounge

Post by muskcat » 21st July 2010, 12:07

i beg to differ the incident i complaind about happened after one of their staff and not our group sat us at a table,there was no mention of a disclaimer if i can call it that to say that if there is prior reservation on the same table then we would have to isnt possible that more than five zambians can go to an establishment and get the same kind of treatment,let a spade be a spade and not a pitch fork

Re: Mint lounge

Post by Disappointed » 16th July 2010, 16:13

I really doubt that all the people with various complaints could just cook them up.The Mint has to improve on their service-PERIOD!

Mint lounge

Post by Darlvia » 14th July 2010, 22:07

Dear Zambia,

Y z it dat only us zambians(blacks) r complainin bout mint? Firstly i wud lyk 2 tok bout reservations; 2 da pipo complainin 've u eva reserved a table wit mint? I dn't think so,mostly pipo r tod if a table z reserved,if they insist on sittin on dat table,they r tod 2 sit,if its ok 2 move them wen da owner cums,den if dat happens it bcumz a prob..2ndly after orderiog yo food luk at hw many pipo u found,da problem wit us we lyk fast things,4getin dat we da 1z who nid fresh food,we dn't care bout da next peson,learn 2 reserve tables & go early 4 fast food & ve patience,I knew bout all this after tokin 2 fify & tek it easy ma fellow zambians..Dear zambians lets b proud of wat z local,made by our fellow zambians...1 luv kwasila!! (*¿*)