bad staff

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Re: bad staff

Post by towela » 27th October 2012, 11:04

totally agree with you. After the same experience have vowed never to go there. She behaves as if one has gone to beg for food or just doin you a favor. She can go suck a lemon!! i deserve better service for my coins!!

bad staff

Post by steers kabulonga » 27th October 2012, 10:35

Dear Zambia,

i went to steers to buy a king sized burger when the person serving me who is name i know, Bertha, was very rude to me. she shouted at me because she made an error with my order. so i was turned off by her behaviour and i have vowed never to go to steers kabulonga again. please do something about her. she is a menace and has rotten mannars, she is not fit to work in a fast food because she does not know how to handle clients.