Myth or Truth?

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Re: Myth or Truth?

Post by Muncher » 18th December 2012, 18:48

bro ba Kaposela,

thanks for the confirmation. Bush meat huh? I will try to remember that next time I travel up north.

As my dear friend Girl said, we Easterners like our mbeba and are not ashamed to say it. And a good mbeba retains the secret flavor in that fur :))

Re: Myth or Truth?

Post by Kaposela » 18th December 2012, 10:28

Its true, bemba's eat monkeys,i have eaten one myself,its a taste delicacy?it tastes like any other bush meat.Then cousins make dozens,thats what the English say,there is no harm,however,you need to be careful,as the law will catch with you,on incest.

Re: Myth or Truth?

Post by Girl » 17th December 2012, 16:02

Kekekekekekekeke shucks!!!

Opani, Monkey, ma cousins or what ever relationship we have with them animals, niva kudya iwe Bright! Elo iwe Muncher, just like you and I eat Mbeba kwasu kumawa, LOLest!!!!

Re: Myth or Truth?

Post by Bright » 17th December 2012, 09:04

iwe mu-kolwe, eating ba kolwe is disgusting, what's your problem ala! just like munching koswe or any freaking repiles.some things should not even be debatable

Re: Myth or Truth?

Post by Muncher » 16th December 2012, 10:24

mukolwe, i wish you could have answered my question without being so defensive. Yes people do eat an array of things. I did not have enough space or time to address each and every strange edible. I chose monkeys. If my question has no answer, I will accept that.

Re: Myth or Truth?

Post by mukolwe » 15th December 2012, 23:59

why would it surprise you if bembas or any body else eat monkeys? how about all the other things we eat? what's the difference between one eating a crocodile and someone else eating monkey or octopus or donkey cheese.....

if you want to know if that's true, it's like any other game eating in zambia or other african countries. rural areas have changed, hunting is no more, so there's less and less game to hunt and eat.

in zaire....ok congo they eat chimpanzees and other primates. in asia they eat all sorts of things, so why would it surprise so if bembas eat monkeys? monkeys are actually healthier than that beef/chicken/pork you buy/eat from your local food stores

kalebalika mukwai

Myth or Truth?

Post by Muncher » 15th December 2012, 05:52

Dear Zambia,

The joke has been told to death in Zambian urban areas. Bembas eat monkeys. I really would like to know the truth behind these allegations. Is it true? If so, to what extent? Is it only antiquated old Bembas who still consume this primate or is it widespread in rural Bembaland?

I guess where I’m having trouble with connecting the dots is, can a man really eat his own cousin?

Please guys, help me get to the bottom of this issue. All comments are more than welcomed. But I really would like to hear from those Bemba guys who have lived in rural Bembaland.