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Post by Chidindo » 31st January 2013, 18:12


I'm not trying to defend whatever crimes Lubinda is charged with. Most likely he did it. All these politicians are crooks anyway. What ticks me off about this case is the hypocrisy. They are only picking on this guy for some unknown reason. My guess is that he refused to kiss someone ass and this is his punishment.

PF central commitee

Post by sandra » 31st January 2013, 18:06

Dear Zambia,

I really feel for Hon Lubinda reportin for work not knowing whether u have a job or not, eiishii tht feeling. so while u guys r buyin time the only ones to surffer are the ordinary zambian pipo who r to be represented by the minster. If you are taking this time to think of a replacement make sure tht person is as clean and without blemish like Jesus. Becoz Jesus in the bible said let thos who ve nt sinned throw the 1st stone at tht woman caught commitin adultery, nomba imwe wa winter ne milandu ku ACC u were the 1st to pick the stone, these are issues u shd ve sorted on yo own. anyway like i said make sure tht person is clean coz we wont vote for u, pantu mukesa landa ati walimumona mushi ya chimutee alenda na UPND