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Zambians worst drivers anywhere

PostPosted: 24th March 2016, 21:38
by Fed-up driver
Dear Zambia,

When everyone follows the rules, road traffic can run smoothly. Setting aside the infrastructure development that is required to cope with the increased traffic, the broken traffic lights and the damaged roads, the pedestrians jay walking and the broken down vehicles, the chickens, goats and other farm animals wandering into the highway, and the corrupt police, the major problem facing drivers in Lusaka and elsewhere is simply one of very bad driving, and very bad manners. I ask myself whether it is a matter of drivers not knowing the rules or simply not caring whether they follow them and have come to the conclusion that it is probably mostly a matter of extreme selfishness and bad manners rather than lack of knowledge. I don't know which is more worrying- not knowing our not caring. In any case, I think Zambian drivers must be amongst the very worst in the world.

Sincerely, fed up.Dear Zambia,

Re: Zambians worst drivers anywhere

PostPosted: 24th March 2016, 22:43
by Zamfooter
I don't own a car but I have always wondered about one thing. If you're driving and you hit and kill a goat on the streets of Lusaka, can you claim the meat as your own? Or is there some stupid law that says you have to share the meat with the person who owned the goat when it was still alive?