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Re: Road signs on Zambian highways

PostPosted: 5th August 2011, 11:30
by Tz
Ba Dizo you said,"...You d be surprised that our government seems to have been sleeping, for most roads still carry colonial names to this day on satnav..."
You can also help them when you go to the internet on Goole Earth there is provision for updating information even of your farm. You can even take pictures of you place and post them. I will be glad to see you there Dizo, big Dizo!
Dizo, one more thing, I know you must be a busy dood, can't you do us Zambians a big favour with your combi, I mean your car and ask ba MUVI TV nabena Master Chimbala to shoot a short clip so that we can really appreciate the SatNav thing? Please!!

Re: Road signs on Zambian highways

PostPosted: 5th August 2011, 19:52
by Chigayo
What about Rhodes park? is it just me or does someone else feel nauseated by this name? I mean Cecil Rhodes, come on. this is a man who advocated "equal rights for all Civilized Men south of the Zambezi" we all know what he emant by civilized men. why don't we just name it Ian Smith park.

Re: Road signs on Zambian highways

PostPosted: 27th June 2012, 15:59
by Guest
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Re: Road signs on Zambian highways

PostPosted: 17th May 2018, 20:32
by Guest
Ba Donchikubeba wrote :
> Ba cranker, no vundu !

Re: Road signs on Zambian highways

PostPosted: 7th April 2019, 21:56
by Doda
baba, that is why Jesus invented GPS. use it kaili!

[quote="Sanni"]Dear Zambia,

In the past three weeks I have driven to Livingstone and the Copperbelt and was astounded at the lack of road signs, especially enroute to the Copperbelt.

The L/stone route is okay once you branch off at the Kafue turn-off (there are road signs all along the way telling you how many kms to go to reach the next town etc). The problem is if you are going to L/stone for the first time and dont have a road map, you wouldnt know that you have to branch off at Kafue. I know some friends of mine from abroad who continued to drive straight on the Kafue road past the turn-off and had to turn back after they asked directions, this after driving for 1 hour the wrong way.

Lusaka to Kitwe, after Kabwe was something else. No signs to tell you which town you are in, until you see an address on a shop building. No sign to tell you that you have reached the Luanshya turn-off (especially when you are coming from Kitwe). No sign to show you which road to take when you are at the turn-off which has a criss-cross of roads. When coming back from Kitwe, we ended up taking the wrong road and started going towards Ndola instead of Lusaka, till we asked for directions. Really confusing and a waste of fuel.

Surely GRZ can put up some road signs on these highways for the benefit of travellers.

My advice to anyone travelling by road to a town they have not been to before, is... Take a MAP![/quote]