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Re: tradecarview

PostPosted: 11th February 2014, 15:09
by LSY
You are right on this point. Internet buying is too risky but with tradecarview and paytrade you are assured with your transactions.

Re: tradecarview

PostPosted: 29th May 2014, 12:45
I am a car exporter in Japan. I am Canadian, and have an internet reputation. Many dealers that use tradecarview sell poor quality cars or just take people's money.

Its true that tradecarview has the escrow service that will reduce people's fears, but only big dealers can afford to hold up their assets. Many good, but small, dealers don't use tradecarview because its like a mafia, and they pressure you into high fees for selling (according to some dealers I have spoke with that used tradecarview for a short time).

My company doesn't use tradecarview. I work hard to keep my company reputation positive. I have many reviews on other car websites. This is the sign of a good dealer; reviews on forums. Please do your research before buying.

Steven Smith
A Canadian car exporter in Nagoya Japan

Re: tradecarview

PostPosted: 4th April 2019, 07:51
by Clara
I for one can recommend trade car view. Bought the first car through them and had no problems. Again just paid for another car and everything is in the process . In addition to this, car bought through trade car view are in good state. Have no doubt even this time my car will be delivered.

Re: tradecarview

PostPosted: 4th April 2019, 08:56
by Dyonko
Clara iwe kulibobesha.

I’m currently in heated negotiations to buy a secondhand bicycle because I cannot afford the price the seller is demanding. Now here you are talking about buying multiple cars as if you are discussing the purchase of papayas at the market.

Koma kuno ungalile chabe ka