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PostPosted: 26th March 2019, 00:09
by marine
Dear Zambia,

when was in grade 12 at one of the local schools my friend got pregnant by a teacher ,this man refused the child and the school did noting to help me her help her with a DNA?


PostPosted: 26th March 2019, 01:00
by Local counselor
Was your girlfriend raped by this baboon teacher or did the two have consensual sex?

If your girlfriend was under 18 years old then the baboon raped her, whether or not she agreed to the sex. But if she was at least 18 years old then the only way she can claim rape is if the baboon physically forced her to have sex.

In any event, Zambian law enforcement is pathetic when it comes to handling such matters. If I were you I’d take matters into my own hands. Deal with that baboon medieval style. He is a baboon anyway. He does not appreciate civilisation.