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How Can I Be A Actor

PostPosted: 27th April 2019, 20:07
by Gladys Mulenga
Dear Actors

My name is Gladys Muleang age at 14years old i went to join acting in zambia i love acting so much that why i went to join.

Re: How Can I Be A Actor

PostPosted: 28th April 2019, 02:48
by English teacher at Chingwele Primary School in Lusaka
Miss. Mulenga,

If you want to be on the big screen some day, it may be in your best interest to familiarise yourself with the English language.

The indefinite article you used in front of the noun ‘actor’ is only used for nouns with a consonant sound. The noun actor has a vowel sound therefore the proper indefinite article is an.

It’s important to remember that this rule applies to sounds not just letters. For example the word honour, you would say an honour.

Are we clear, madam?

Re: How Can I Be A Actor

PostPosted: 29th April 2019, 09:43
by Gladys Mulenga
Yes Teacher and thank