Africans have just discovered the Channel Tunnel

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Africans have just discovered the Channel Tunnel

Postby and now they are causing trouble over there in England » 29th July 2015, 19:50

Dear Zambia,

Channel Tunnel under siege as migrants try 3,500 times to storm through to U.K.


Published: July 29, 2015 11:45 a.m. ET

Thousands of migrants in France are trying to storm the Channel Tunnel in a bid to reach the U.K., causing disruption that could threaten cross-border trade and prompting British officials to step up security efforts to solve the crisis.

On Tuesday night, migrants made roughly 1,500 attempts to storm the Eurotunnel terminal near Calais, media reports said. The previous day saw 2,000 bids to enter the tunnel, which runs from the northern French port to Folkestone in England, carrying a rail link between the two countries.

Groupe Eurotunnel SA GET, -2.31% which operates the Channel Tunnel, said it’s intercepted more than 37,000 migrants since the start of this year. It has doubled the number of staff to patrol the area to 200, including using sniffer dogs, and spent more than 160 million euros, including €13 million in the first six months of 2015, grappling with the issue.

“The continuous pressure exerted every night is above and beyond that which a concessionaire can reasonably handle and requires a constructive and appropriate response from the governments,” Eurotunnel said in a statement Wednesday.

In their attempts to get across, whether by the tunnel or cross-Channel ferry, migrants throng roadways trying to stow away on trucks, scramble over fences and clamber onto trains. But they risk suffocation, injury or death.

One Sudanese man was found dead Wednesday, hit and killed by a truck that was leaving a cross-Channel ferry, media reports said. That brings to nine the number of deaths near the Channel Tunnel since June. Two other Sudanese men were in the hospital as of Monday, after being hit by high-speed trains.

See: Man dies as migrants storm Eurotunnel terminal

This week’s death and injuries highlight the saga of West African migrants looking for what they think will be a better life in the U.K. It also underscores the headaches facing Calais, where camps have been set up by about 3,000 people, mostly from Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea and Afghanistan, according to The Guardian newspaper.

On the other side of the channel, authorities have had to set aside part of a freeway in Kent as a holding area for trucks waiting in line to cross - what is being called “Operation Stack”. The holdups are causing long delays to holidaymakers as well as to commercial traffic.

The migrant crisis will have an impact on the French and U.K. economies, Eurotunnel spokesman John Keefe warned at the weekend.

“The value of trade across the straits is somewhere in the region of £200 billion a year, and it’s being affected every single night. It’s the goods going into our supermarkets. It’s our exports,” he told The Independent newspaper.

British officials, led by Home Secretary Theresa May, were slated to hold an emergency meeting Wednesday centered on how to stop the worsening crisis. The U.K. government this week said it will spend another £7 million beefing up security fencing on the French side of the Channel Tunnel.

Britain is making sure “everything that can be done working with the French is being done,” U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron said during a trade trip to Singapore on Wednesday.
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and now they are causing trouble over there in England

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