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Ethiopia comes to the rescue of Zambia Airways

PostPosted: 20th August 2018, 21:24
by Zambian
Dear Zambia,

Zambia Airways revived after 24 years
Vumani Mkhize
BBC Africa Business

Zambia Airways is to be revived after 24 years thanks to a $30m (£24m) deal with Ethiopian Airlines.

Africa’s newest national carrier is to begin flights later this year on 12 aircraft to destinations in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. By 2018 is it expected to carry 1.9 million passengers.

The Zambian government’s main development agency will hold a 55% stake, while Ethiopian Airlines will maintain a 45% stake.

It is hoped the investment will help make the country a Southern African hub, to rival Johannesburg in South Africa.

Zambia hopes the deal will accelerate the country’s industrialisation and boost tourism.

The Ethiopian carrier has several similar deals in the pipeline and has also put in a bid to run Nigeria Air when it is revived.

postscript: Not sure in what year the article's author thinks we are at the moment