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The 1 complaint I have about beautiful women walking around

PostPosted: 15th October 2018, 09:05
by Lucky cyclist
Dear Zambia,

Beautiful women walking around in broad daylight turn men into complete imbeciles.

Case in point. Yesterday Sunday afternoon I was riding my bicycle on Chitukuko road approaching Independence avenue, whistling a sweet Ndendeule tune, when a beautiful woman walked by.

The idiot man who was walking next to my bike path suddenly became a zombie as he stared at the woman with his jaw dropped. He walked straight into to my path. I had to swerve suddenly and my bicycle crushed into a nearby tree stump. Thank God I'm an agile lad and managed to land on my feet.

I'm telling you, these beautiful women can be a road hazard ka.

Men are idiots and cannot possibly be trained to act otherwise

Re: The 1 complaint I have about beautiful women walking aro

PostPosted: 20th December 2018, 17:39
by mutsuki
my bro u were rilly lucky thank God.