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valentine’s day misadventures on a Lusaka bus

PostPosted: 15th February 2019, 13:00
by que
Dear Zambia,

I was on a bus yesterday from Soweto market. Didn’t even know it was valentine’s day until the fella sitting next to me mentioned it.

It was a very crowded bus so I felt lucky to have secured a seat. But unfortunately the young chap seated next to me smelled like shit.

If you think I’m using the word shit as a euphemism of some kind, you are wrong. I mean shit literally.

I soon discovered the shit smell came from the young man’s mouth. Yes that shit. As the shit that people normally expel from their anus.

Then this young man could not stop talking. He was yapping about how he was going to meet his girlfriend for valentine’s day.

Naturally, I was compelled to ask him the unavoidable question. How in hell, do you expect to kiss your girlfriend with shit smell coming out of your damn mouth?..