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Worst journey on Max Motorways

PostPosted: 31st August 2011, 08:40
by john sensele
Dear Zambia,

I'm not given to grouching in public and I wish Zambian entrepreneurs the best of luck for their success is mine. However, we cannot stand by and accept shoddy services and bury our heads in the sand, pretending all is well in the way we conduct business and the we treat our customers. During the Heroes and Unity holiday, I arrived at the Intercity Station around 2300 hours from Chipata and Max Motorways crew quickly enticed me from Zambia Malawi coach as I was getting off, and promised we'd start off at 0600 the next morning for Kitwe where I reside and work. The night was safe on their bus, to their credit. The next morning, other buses were filling up quickly and leaving the station. As Max Motorways passengers, we ganged up and approached the police who turned us away, saying it was RATSA business, although the police are law enforcement agents. We confronted the Max Motorways crew including their inspector who were unhelpful and kept passing the buck from one to another without solving our plight. Eventually, we left the station around 1000 hours and I missed the staff meeting I was due to chair at the college that employs me. The bus kept stopping literally everywhere at will although were fuming and cursing loudly. Finally, we reached Kitwe at 1900 hours. What nonsense is this? How many man-hours did Zambia? How much could Zambia have grown in that time? These are the questions we ought to address instead of lazying about, pointing accusing fingers at random scapegoats and thinking manna will drop from heaven when we're not ready to get off our butts to create national and personal wealth? I hope the owners of the company can access this complaint and take corrective measures to ensure the survival and viability of the company. No business can thrive if it operates as if it is doing customers a favour. Zambian entrepreneurs must wake up to the dictates of the market. Do we need to import thinking skills and business acumen? I'm disgusted by the shoddy manner in which several of our businessmen take the customer for granted. To me, that's the surest way of nailing the last nail in the coffin of a business.

Re: Worst journey on Max Motorways

PostPosted: 31st August 2011, 11:49
by L. Daka
John, I fully sympathise with you. Next time use Mazhandu or Post Bus. They are the best hands down and you can read for yourself what people have said about them on this forum. They leave on time and have good service overall. Post Bus is good if you are going to Ndola (they do not reach Kitwe or further). The latest we have ever left in my experience was ten minutes for Mazhandu and five minutes for Post Bus.