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PostPosted: 9th September 2010, 12:46
by Big 1
Dear Zambia,

I had an interesting experience with South African Airways which should ordinarily have been a nasty one but was turned into a positive one simply by the airline's application of a pinch of sincerity and visible effort. I was flying out to Johannesburg a couple of Saturdays ago on the first flight out. Arrived diligently at the airport only to be told by one of the security personnel that the check-in system was "down". My heart sank as I anticipated the long and tedious wait that lay ahead. SAA staff were courteous and informed all present that there was a problem with the system and they would do everything in their limited means to lessen the already mounting inconvenience. I must say what followed was a joy to watch as manager types came to the frontline and started to assist in the process of checking us in. It was a breath of fresh air in a country where so much has been left to the dogs in the customer service space. To cut a long story short, that A-Team turned the process around and we managed to leave Lusaka a mere 5 minutes later than scheduled departure time and a few lucky chaps (self included) ended up being bumped up into Business Class to experience how the other half lives.

All in all, bravo to SAA on managing a potentially volatile situation. "Others" need to watch and learn!