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Face to face

PostPosted: 30th November 2010, 16:00
by Got it
Dear Zambia,
It would be great if we could all meet face to face one day and have a laugh! We should organise a "get together" maybe after the festive season, just like a "Dear Zambia" club. You are all hilarious and very out spoken - it would be interesting to put a face to a comment. We will also see if MISS MUZUNGU is really white as I am.........

Re: Face to face

PostPosted: 30th November 2010, 16:05
by Sanni
Got It

The way we change our IDs on this forum you might get shocked, if we all do get to meet in the flesh, to find that Miss Muzungu and Msana Wanzili are actually one and the same person!

That would really explain a lot on this forum, dont you agree?!

Good idea anyway...Admin think about this. Hold a shindig to publicise the forum...