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Censorship of this forum!

PostPosted: 10th December 2010, 10:35
by cms
Dear Zambia,

I have noticed that more interesting and hot issues disappear fast from this forum. Who is 'deleting' them? The first suspect is admin!!! For instance, the chanda chimba topic has not lasted long in here! Does it mean there is censorship on this media as well? If so, where are we going to run to? The post, ZNBC e.t.x have all become peaces of political prostitues in form of media. As we draw towards hot issues during 2011, hotter topics will be tabled and I wonder how much censorship will be at play!

Re: Censorship of this forum!

PostPosted: 10th December 2010, 12:28
by Plofessor

I think the admin is doing a great job in keeping order here. They setup the website for a specific reason, that is to whine about the futureless services we experience every single day. So when people start going off topic, they have every right to crack their whip. Though you must admit that they have been very accommodating by allowing certain topics to not only be posted but actually flourish, especially those by Miss M! That just shows that admin is not as heavy handed as you have portrayed them to be, and I believe that as long as people don't insult, defame, make comments based on race, tribe, blah, blah, blah, there is good room for both serious & light hearted discussions on this DZ website.

Now, try visiting other local websites and see what the effect of NOT having capable moderators is. It's a free for all spit fest. It's not pleasant I tell you.

Re: Censorship of this forum!

PostPosted: 10th December 2010, 12:40