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Why is sexual abuse of children so rampant in the Catholic c

PostPosted: 20th March 2019, 22:19
by pause
Dear Zambia,

Priests, bishops and cardinals using their positions of power in the Catholic Church to sexually abuse innocent and vulnerable children.

This heinous crime has only come to light in recent years. However all evidence show that the problem has existed for decades. Perhaps even hundreds of years.

How can an organization purported to be the Church of Jesus Christ be so demonic?

Re: Why is sexual abuse of children so rampant in the Cathol

PostPosted: 21st March 2019, 13:05
by true to true back to back
Catholic priests are sexually starved by the mere fact that the Vatican does not allow them to have sex.

Any man deprived of sex becomes an insane man. Capable of anything, including child sex abuse.

This however, does not excuse the behavior of these Catholic sexual predators. They all should be held accountable along with their morally compromised superiors. the motherfĂșckers