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PostPosted: 26th April 2011, 12:52
by April
Dear Zambia,

Before i even think of casting my vote i would like the following people to have a debate so that i can have an informed decision...because this election for sure am not going to vote for non performers...i will make sure i scrutinize....not just voting any how NOOOOOO.
I will reallie appreciate if the following people can appear on Radio Phoenix for a debate " 2011 elections".

Frank Mutubila - Moderator

Prof. Nkandu Luo
Edith Nawakwi
Bon Tembo
Simon Kabanda
John Phiri Narep [i like the way these guys articulate issues]
Con. Mweetwa [UPND]
Rev. Susan Matale
Hon. Given Lubinda
Akapelwa UNIP
Francis Kabonde IG
Hon. Shikapwaka
Panji Kaunda
Akufuna and Judge Mambilima ECZ.

I want these people to come and tell us if our votes shall be protected and how?

I shall pick from all quarters for performers when voting.