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PostPosted: 26th May 2011, 09:40
by michael
Dear Zambia,

Touch not the annointed one. Am wondering who in this respect could be the annointed one. MMD or the catholic church speaking for the voiceless.
was recently amazed by DORA silits attack on our clergy. my appeal is that all catholics should rise and defend our church from the demon possesed siliya and shikapwasha.


PostPosted: 26th May 2011, 11:58
by nm
the cathiolic church has the right to speak for the voiceless coz they are close to the community,hence they known their needs more than govt.shikapwasha is also a clergy man ,i wonder y he is behaving like a iis he going to pray for people with such kind of behaviour? re verend indeed.


PostPosted: 26th May 2011, 19:56
by Open

you may be amazed at what demons lurk within the Catholic church itself. I mean no disrespect to the genuine believers, but over the centuries, the church has been responsible for some really funky sh*t, no joke.

During the middle ages is was possible for people to pay for sins. Yes indeed. Just read your history books. You paid the priest and you were assured of not ending up in hell as a result of your sin. No sin was off the table. Murder, adultery, incest, etc. If someone died and based on that man's life, a priest would say if he's in heaven or hell.

And yes you guessed it. The living relatives of the man languishing in hell were given the option of redeeming their loved one from the fires of hell. Simple. Just cough up some cash, give it to the priest and he will arrange a get-out-of-hell passport for that relative.

And conveniently enough, the priest set the price. The priest in those days knew everyone's intimate private lives. So not unnaturally, he demanded a hefty price from rich relatives of a dead man. All this was perfectly sanctioned by the Catholic church hierarchy.

Not to mention the many instances over the years, when the church colluded with tyrants and mass murderer regimes.

Demons? Look no further than inside the church. I kid you not. Of course, you can also choose to rationalize these crime of the church by saying, that was then and this is now. But while you are rationalizing like so, think about this. To this day, the church enjoys much of the wealth acquired in those dark ages and through dubious means.

And in more recent times, what demon possessed all those priests who molested children whom they were supposed to look after and protect? And even worse, what demon possessed the bishops and cardinals who covered-up for these perverted priests. In many cases, they simply transferred the pervert to another parish, to molest more children.

Demons? Yes they are there. You just have to know where to look for them.