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In 2 weeks from now, I be traveling to RSA. by bus

PostPosted: 10th July 2018, 11:34
by Chimanga Changa
Dear Zambia,

This will be the first time I will leave Zambian soil.

However, I'm not sure if this journey will fulfill my lifelong dream. I have always wanted to be able to say that I went overseas.

It's only that if I say I went abroad, that can be construed as having traveled to Lilongwe in Malawi. That's too cheap. I want to brag about something more exotic. And overseas sounds exotic.

But I don't want to lie. Technically speaking.

So to make a long story short, is there a body of water between Zambia and South Africa that can be technically classified as a sea?

Just so I can make my honest braggadocio that I went overseas.

Please advise,Dear Zambia