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Is it true that the Chinese do not waste their shit?

PostPosted: 24th April 2019, 12:21
by Zambian consumer
Dear Zambia,

I myself have never been to China. I have only heard and read. That the Chinese shit in toilets just like we Zambians do. However, from what I have read and heard, the Chinese have special sewage pipes that direct all their matuvi to compost heaps. That human shit manure is subsequently used to fertilize their vegetable gardens.

This is what I have heard and read.

As you can imagine, I would never eat something like a cucumber that originated in China. I would never eat any vegetable from China that does not require cooking.

Although to be perfectly honest, I do not trust any food item of Chinese origin. The Chinese are such crooked sons of bitches who will take any shortcut to make a profit