Alliance Française of Lusaka

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Alliance Française of Lusaka

Postby admin » 26th July 2010, 12:57

[Originally posted by Alliance Française of Lusaka, on 20th July 2010, 17:15]

Dear Mwansa

First of all, we would like to thank you for your contribution. It is always through critics that we can improve our work and we are sorry you did not appreciate the performances.

We would like also to let you know that the Ephesians Project cancelled their performance one month before the concert because they had an opportunity to perform in Australia. We apologise for that..

For organisation purposes, we print our brochure one month and a half; and even sometimes two months in advance. It is actually for this reason that we have planned interviews (in 3 radio stations and 2 TV channels) to let people know that for our annual Fête de la Musique, it will be Mutinta who will perform with the Black Candy and not the Ephesians Project and also in our jingle on TV advert which was announced in 6 Zambian medias.

One of our main missions here in Zambia is to promote cultural activities through cooperation with Zambian artists and of course to give the opportunity to young artists to perform and improve their skills. As far as we are concerned, we received only positive feedback from this concert. The audience was really enthusiastic, all the tickets were sold out and we had more than 300 people for this occasion and apparently they were satisfied. It is another reason for us to say that we are sorry for your disappointment. But everyone is free to think and manifest their feelings.

Always in the wishes to entertain you with the best cultural activities, we would like to say that we do not only organise “Afro Jazz” concerts but that we are open to any other kind of music and that we also introduce paintings and sculpture exhibitions, conferences, theatre, film festivals and many more other activities always to give more chance to Zambians to express themselves in our cultural centre.

Actually from Thursday 22 July to Saturday 24 July, we will have the Dinaledi Art Festival at Alliance Française of Lusaka. The activities will include children’s shows, theatre, live music and short film screenings. For our children and young adults’ entertainment section, we will have African folklore stories Panali, Panali being performed as theatre plays by professional actors.

Feel free to come.

Alliance Française of Lusaka
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