Customer Service Banks/Supermarket

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Customer Service Banks/Supermarket

Postby bauhimwaana » 3rd July 2010, 14:53

Dear Zambia,

Why is it that most banks and I mean most banks, if not all, in Zambia never use their full capacity to attend to customers? Ever gone to the bank and seen 10 counters and out of them only 5 or 6 are manned by a teller at any given time? It's ridiculous isn't it? The same thing applies to supermarkets. What they actually don't realise is that the more you keep customers waiting in the queue, the more valuable time is lost and the less customers will pass through the business per min/hr/day/week/month. The bottom line is that there's a lot of dissatisfied customers in the end. If I ran a bank i'd make sure that the depositors know that the mean a lot to my business, and so I'd make sure that there are more tellers attending to depositors. So Zambians, lets demand more from service providers
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Re: Customer Service Banks/Supermarket

Postby BILLION 2010 » 12th July 2010, 12:16

yaba i hope these institutions we are writting abt are able to pick the complaints on this blog.i have also woundered why most counters and tills are left with out any one to attend to customers.this is so pathetic and time cusuming especially when one decides to do an errand at lunch time,one ends up missing lunch coz there are no pipo to attend to your transaction and imagine they still want customers bringing in money for deposits to still wait in long Qs like they are drawing??kwena ubushilo mu zambia bwali fula....and if those counters are with no pipo why not employee mwe bantu???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Re: Customer Service Banks/Supermarket

Postby CC » 12th July 2010, 19:07

I copied and pasted views about one of the banks that has been blasted and sent to a friend who is a senior member of staff at the same.

He acknowledged some of the short comings, but I suggested that they prepare a response that will be placed on DearZambia.

Let's see if they will act reasonably and do so . . .

Maybe we can do our bit to bring some of these matter to the attention of our brothers, sisters, friends, etc that work in these institutions that are underperforming (or not doing it at all!).

It is no good complaining amongst ourselves and leaving it there. Nothing get's fixed unless we go beyond this.

Good week to all
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Re: Customer Service Banks/Supermarket

Postby CillaK » 22nd July 2010, 16:45

Talking about banks, I received the following warning emails on some banks in Zambia:

1. "I have been reliably informed that you should not use your Credit/Debit cards at ATMs and to buy items with your card as there is a huge scam going on at the moment..There is a possibility of insiders(Bankers) being involved.
If you have used your card in the last week or so, it is advisable to have it blocked,as your account is probably being monitored by the culprits waiting for it to have enough money to be worthwhile.

It is advisable to use your cheque book instead.

Kindly excercise caution."

2. I had all my money wiped out in standard chartered bank account 3 days ago after using my card at arcades ATM. I reported the case to the bank and the told me that their records show that I used my ATM card in Botswana the following day. I cannot believe this is actually happened to others.

3.Hello all,
Sadly I would like to attest to similar incident also as a victim. Someone too me to the dry cleaners by wiping out my standard chartered account clean of K10m using an FNB ATM in South Africa this past weekend. Please note the disclaimer that I am in no way insinuating that FNB or its staff were involved but would just like you all to be as cautious as possible. I have not been to SA in more than a year and neither did I use my card in an online transaction. I have never lost my card nor lent it to anyone. Ever! Neither do I have a second ATM card. So even when I say be cautious, I for one don’t even begin to comprehend what it would take to be cautious. These chaps are really crafty no doubt.

This is really sad mwe bantu... what can we do??
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