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making claims at on classic Investment at ZISC

PostPosted: 14th September 2010, 12:17
by Mark
Dear Zambia,

I have a classic investment with ZISC and was making a claim after it matured. They say you get your money within 21days form the date of making a claim application. to my disapointment it took more than two months to get my money. when I did my encanshment three years ago, a similar thing happenned.

I have a similar policy with Proffessional Insurance which matures this october, when i did my encanshment two years ago I was given within thirty days(the period given for processing payemnts) of my application.

So I dont blame the goverment for doing away with Parastatal companies. Peaple are two relaxed and a task that should take a day takes a week. its this kind of enefficiency that makes companies unprofitable. I have decided never to deal with zisc again unless am forced to.