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Re: Let's Agree to do Something about it

PostPosted: 30th July 2010, 10:15
by Makaveli
Thanks Goodsheet.You know not what you talking.

Re: Let's Agree to do Something about it

PostPosted: 31st July 2010, 23:49
by Guest
We seem to be very happy to allow this matter to die just like this, worse still, even focus on personalities.

If you look at the number of views, it is clear many are reading. Are all these people waiting to be terribly affected by an event in the financial sector before they can step forward? Won't that be rather late a point? I know of several people that have pledged to support a cause after they have been affected by a particular event. In almost all of these cases, whatever they may have lost doesn't come back. One wishes that the loss could have been avaoided!

Should we not be moving towards being pro-active rather than reactive? Isn't there something we can do before things get even worse?

I think there is a self-centredness about Zambians that prevents us seeing beyond a certain point. We tend to be so inward looking that we can be oblivious of harm that may be very close-by. And when we do look around, we try to pick out all the rivial issues and avoid the main things. Does that make the main issues go away? Me thinks not.

It would be good to see how we can use this platform to advance specific issues of common interest.

I am happy to put my shoulder to a process that will engage the financial sector in a manner that will result in shift in the way specific service is rendered to all of us. I will make time for this because it is in my interest to do so.

I don't think this amounts to wanting to take on the entire financial sector and wanting to solve all possible problems. It is about dealing with specific issues as they are identified. Piece by piece . . .

Does this make sense to anybody?

Re: Let's Agree to do Something about it

PostPosted: 1st August 2010, 08:59
by Kombwe
dude Guest,

Impatient seems to be the word that best describes you. Or maybe it is “unrealistic”. It’s been 45 years and we haven’t seen much in terms of concrete results as a nation. But here you are almost sounding like you expect results in a matter of weeks. Is that realistic? Miracles, notwithstanding??

dude, optimism is a great thing. As long as you can confine it to reality.

Re: Let's Agree to do Something about it

PostPosted: 1st August 2010, 15:03
by Guest
Thanks Kombwe,

I hear your criticism of my views on getting things moving, and I think it is fair.

What I can't pick out though is your suggestion of what you think could be done, how this could be done, how much time you think we should reasonably allow, etc.

Any thoughts along these lines?

Re: Let's Agree to do Something about it

PostPosted: 2nd August 2010, 05:50
by Kombwe

you are welcome, dude.

Reason you cannot pick out my suffestion is I did not make any. I was merely venting. I am really sorry, dude. I hope you forgive me. I never jumped on this Makaveli bandwagon to begin with. nor the idea that roped Makavei into this in the first place. I hope you forgive me for being an armchair critic on this one. I wish you lots of luck, nevertheless.

Re: Let's Agree to do Something about it

PostPosted: 4th August 2010, 19:04
by Guest
Well understood Ba Kombwe.

I think the issue for me is more than just going out there and harassing financial institutions.

It is clear that change needs to take place in our country. I think we all agree up to this point.

Question is, where should this change start from? Is it simply from all the many places that have clearly identifiable problems that we can point to? Can problems solve themselves?

If you refer to history and/or simply reflect on this matter, you may agree that any process of change needs an "effector" - someone or something that will drive the change process. So we have two points: the point where the problem is and the point where the effector is. The effector must move/operate to bring about change at the point where the problem is.

If we are struggling to identify that effector and/or make it function, then change needs to start at this point, and not actually at the point where the problem is. Put differently, it means we have a problem with the problem solver!

Let's first fix the problem solver and then use it to fix the problem.

The case in point - engaging with the financial sector - should assist in get us working/functioning. Whether or not the financial sector problem get's solved quickly may not be the biggest issue. Most important will be that we would have learnt how to engage with our problems. Meaning that we will be able to do this in many other situations.

Many other things will begin to happen beyond the financial sector. Various issues will be engaged in ways that lead towards solutions. The country will be on the move as bits of success here and there add to the momentum.

This is, for me, the theoretical framework I am coming from. But I am seeking to move towards a practical and workable process.

Ideas would be most welcome

Re: Let's Agree to do Something about it

PostPosted: 11th August 2010, 20:59
by Luwitendi

I hear you and agree that we have so much potential in this country to be the best in the region, but as you rightly said - ' me and my household' reigns. I wish Zambians knew the history of the western world and how citizens sacrificed to make things better and not sat back with arms folded waiting for the government to work, it won't happen. London is London because of it's citizens and nothing else. When these banks introduce products, they are usually what has been thrown out from the west. Lending policies are built on economies that are not ours, therefore are not effective in Zambia etc. Even the Central Bank should be taken to task for allowing these banks to bring in products that are not suitable for the Zambian.

Re: Let's Agree to do Something about it

PostPosted: 20th August 2010, 21:19
by Guest
Good thoughts.

I am just trying to see if we can get back to what was the whole idea behind this string of chats - to agree to do something about it and work towards a plan of how this can be done.

Is there any hope of this eventually happening?

I remain hopeful but would really wish to hear what others think . . . There is strength in agreement and in numbers.

Re: Let's Agree to do Something about it

PostPosted: 4th April 2016, 06:27
by Reader
Mr. Chileshe,
hit me again. What exactly are you talking about?