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Health Workers

PostPosted: 4th May 2016, 14:42
by General Observer
Dear Zambia,

our country zambia wil never ever be developed becouse the government is too sleepy on the ministry of health,,,dont just seat in your offices and drink coffee as if thats wat we voted u to do!! but check out and see what docterz and nurses are doing in hospitals and clinics,.they dont attend to patients who are poor but only want to treat rich people with money. why?? people are dying every day coz of the same,,,IS ZAMBIA REALLY A CHRISTAIN NATION???Dear Zambia,

Re: Health Workers

PostPosted: 4th May 2016, 16:23
by non-toxic
What does Christianity got to do with it? in fact, if Zambia were truly a Christian country then I personally would expect the kind of immorality you are describing. Christians are prone to rot. I expect a much higher standard of conduct from a non-Christian country.