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On the Run pizza

PostPosted: 14th July 2010, 03:55
by Kantwa
Dear Zambia,

I admit the pizza at On the Run northmead and kabulonga filling station is quite good. But on Tuesdays they have this very popular offer of 'buy one, get one free ' which seems to drive the whole lusaka there.

The only problem is that whenever they have this offer, you actually get pizza that is half the usual quality. You will basically just find yourself eating the bread because they just sprinkle two or so little pieces of meat on each slice. If you're lucky to buy it in a less busy time, when most people are at work, you might get some meat, but never after 16 or 17 hrs.

I don't know if this scam is orchestrated by the owner of the place or it is just the failure of his workers to meet the big demand with the same quality. But despite this reduced quality you still have to wait 45 minutes to two hours before your pizza is ready since there are so many other people who have fallen for the same trick.

Re: On the Run pizza

PostPosted: 14th July 2010, 05:03
by Billion 2010
Hi..tht makes the two of us..tht mkting strategy is fake.they r making more sales every tue and are nt meetin the needs en wants of us customers.if anythin u shud knw we actualy buy 1 piza.!the free 1 is sapoz 2b a layer of the 1piza..we pay 4 one en get two wth thin layers.if put 2gether tht makes 1piza! Thts the trick they play on us.thts another trick 4the less meat.its cod mkting my bro!hop u understand why u get less meet!