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How I miss the good old days and the taste of vinkubala

PostPosted: 17th April 2019, 09:28
by oldie but goodie
Dear Zambia,

As a Zambian who grew up in the 1990s I’m obviously nostalgic of those good old days.

A Zambian dictator who had parked his ass at State house for 27 years had just been booted out, the stupid Soviet Union had just collapsed along with apartheid in RSA and Mandela was a free man. Those were good times indeed.

But what I miss the most from those good old days is the exquisite taste of vinkubala.

I just don’t know what the gods are feeding these tasteless caterpillars of today. I have sampled hundreds of vinkubala from across a wide spectrum of markets here in Lusaka but I can never duplicate the flavourful taste of the vinkubala of my youth in the 1990s.

I don’t know what it is, honestly.

Vinkubala are supposed to feed on good, pure leaves of trees. Today’s vinkubala are feeding on some seriously funky shit man. because they taste like shit! I tell ya