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I was invited for lunch but had to escape before eating

PostPosted: 26th April 2019, 01:46
by Escapee of conscience
Dear Zambia,

I felt I had no other choice. I saw my host’s wife setting up the table with nsima, some repu and some beef stew. Although it could have goat stew, which is my all time favourite. I’m not sure about the meat although it looked delicious and smelled like 1 million kwacha.

Anyway then that woman dropped the bomb. She was setting up plates with knives and forks. How can a normal, sober Zambian disrespect our ancestors by eating nsima with a knife and a fork?

I invented a fake story about having to go outside to make an important phone call. As soon as I got out of that house, I looked to my right then looked to my left then looked behind me and then I ran