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Today I read an article that KK had a small zoo at State hou

PostPosted: 3rd April 2018, 07:30
by no matter
Dear Zambia,

I came across an article on the internet that suggests Zambia's founding president Mr Kenneth Kaunda used to have a small zoo somewhere there behind State House.

If this is true that puts the last nail in the coffin of Kaunda, as far as I'm concerned.

I always thought Kaunda was dirty but captive animals for his own personal amusement?? That is as low as a human being can sink.

I was born in 1993 but still.. I'm an ardent student of history. I want know exactly what holds the integrity of Zambia. This is my country as much as it was for those who came before me.

Captive animals in your backyard for your own amusement ain't right. Anyway you slice it that shit ain't right