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I have a plan to rid Zambia of porno boys, satanists & illum

PostPosted: 13th February 2019, 13:06
by Iyeiyelelo
Dear Zambia,

As a proud Zambian, I weep at seeing our stupid Zambian juveniles sink so low as to sell their bums cheaply to these cults. the porno paparazzi, the satanist numskulls and the illuminati nigerian con men.

My proposal is to set up a sting operation in order to lure these stupid boys into a trap.

Once we capture them, we can bring them to a secret location and then we will beat them. Beat them until they capitulate to common sense.

They will be bleeding profusely, their noses will be flowing freely with mucus, maybe they will have shit in their pants.

But all in all, these Zambian boys will surely never again talk about porno, satanism or illuminati shit. that’s for damn sure