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ex Sudan president was hiding $130million in his house

PostPosted: 21st April 2019, 00:12
by Tyre sandals wearer
Dear Zambia,

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A large hoard of cash has been found at the home of Sudan's ousted president Omar al-Bashir and he is now being investigated for money laundering, prosecutors say.
Security services found euros, dollars and Sudanese pounds totalling more than $130m (£100m).
The ex-leader was placed under house arrest after months of protests led to his removal.
Reports say Mr Bashir is now being held at the Kobar high-security prison.

Re: ex Sudan president was hiding $130million in his house

PostPosted: 22nd April 2019, 00:48
by Testimony
I will be the first one to admit that what I’m about to say is very very sad but true.

An African President stealing and hiding money is not newsworthy because it happens with nearly 100% consistency.

As God is my witness!

..actually both Allah and God are my witnesses.

I forgot the name of that fat one with a big beer belly in one of the Eastern religions. But him too is my witness