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I want to make public urination a crime in Lusaka

PostPosted: 24th April 2019, 11:37
by Concerned citizen
Dear Zambia,

The penalty should be minimal and humane. Perhaps slap the urinater a few times on his cheeks. Or whip him a bit on his buttocks.

But one way or another we really should start discouraging men urinating in public here in Lusaka. It is getting out of control.

There was a day when men were at least shy about exposing their penis in public. Zambian men of today however, don’t even care about that. They urinate in broad daylight, they urinate on bushes, they urinate on the walls of buildings, they urinate on street lamp posts, they urinate in front of primary schools and in front of secondary schools and in front of churches and in front of shopping malls and in the parking lots of government buildings.

Dear Zambia, we have got to do something about this scourge