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This is equivalent to bestowing Nyau honours on anEnglishman

PostPosted: 25th April 2019, 22:27
by Chimanga
Dear Zambia,

..what a travesty!

Chinese man made leader in Nigeria 'to help relations'

The BBC's Nasidi Yahaya has been giving us more details on the story that a Chinese businessman in Kano, northern Nigeria, has been given a traditional title.

Earlier, Mike Zhang was appointed as "Wakilin 'Yan China" or 'the leader of the Chinese community', by the Emir of Kano.

Nasidi says that with this appointment, Mr Zhang will be expected to be attending meetings at the Emir's palace and may wish to take part in the traditional horse riding festival, known as a durbar, along with his entourage during Eid festivals.

The Kano Emirate said the appointment followed "an increase in the number of Chinese businessmen who engage in different forms of businesses without a unified leadership structure".

One member of the Kano Emirate told the BBC that "the emirate needs a liaison officer to solve conflicts that emanate from business transactions between Chinese and Kano traders".