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Applying for a job under Zambia police service

PostPosted: 3rd July 2018, 11:43
by Marshal MUHILA
Chawama mainy s.d.a church,
P. O box 235,

03 July, 2018.

Inspector general,
P. O box 50103,

Dear sir/madam


I am here by applying for the obove started job opportunity under Zambia police.

I am a fully Zambian citizen male aged 23years old a holder of green national registration card (N. R. C) number 203629/77/1, I completed my secondary education at lady diana high school in2017.

I am very much interested to join the service in order to protect the community and the country, your response toword this letter will be highly appreciated.

Your faithfully
Marshal muhila


Re: Applying for a job under Zambia police service

PostPosted: 4th July 2018, 10:36
by Local Local Mwanza
good for you my dear man! I hear a Zambia Police gig is one of the most lucrative here in Zambia. Especially for those of us grade 12 graduates or under. You can quadruple or even multiply your salary by 10, from bribe payments alone.

Mushala my friend listen, I'm currently selling sugarcane over here on the southwest side of Lusaka. But if your ZP pursuit becomes fruitful, please hook me up bro. I can surely use some of that hefty bribe cash