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A PSA for my fellow weed smokers here in Lusaka

PostPosted: 7th September 2017, 04:15
by Good neighbor
Dear Zambia,

As brethren in the consumption of cannabis we should watch each other's backs. Hence my public service announcement.

Brethren please beware of buying weed from complete strangers. Better to have a steady and trusted supplier. I heard of a lad yesterday who supposedly smoked some synthetic weed (whatever in God's name that is!) Anyhow the lad went psycho for a few hours.

Please be vigilant, brethren.

Where to get marijuana around lusaka

PostPosted: 26th April 2019, 12:50
by Byron
Good day, i am looking to try some of zambias finest but have no idea where to look. Dont want to get in trouble or anything would just like a good smoke. From SA. Here for short time. Will be amazing if anyone could assist. Thanks

Re: A PSA for my fellow weed smokers here in Lusaka

PostPosted: 26th April 2019, 13:34
by Zambian
Dear Byron

To be perfectly honest with you, I cannot give a concrete answer to your question. However I can tell you this. Watch out for the pigs here in Zambia.

‘Pig’ is synonymous with ‘policeman’ here in Zambia.

Anyway, Zambian pigs have this stupid idea that ganja is bad. These are the same pigs who drink whiskey and other more poisonous rubbish.

Anyway boy, I’m rumbling. Just watch out for the pigs here in Zambia, OK?