President Banda assures ZAMTEL workers benefits


Government has appointed independent auditors to ensure that terminal benefits for every Zamtel employee are correct and paid in full. President Rupiah Banda disclosed this during the official opening of the first session of the third House of Chiefs in Lusaka, Friday.
The President said a substantial part of the 2-hundred and 57 million United States dollars from the sale of Zamtel has been allocated towards the settlement of full terminal benefits for all employees.
And Mr Banda said it is important that chiefs question the motive of those who want to politicise the privatisation of Zamtel.
He appealed to traditional leaders to explain to the rationale behind the sale of Zamtel.
Mr Banda explained that Zamtel would have collapsed if government had not privatised it.
He further explained that Zamtel has been surviving because it has not been paying taxes to the government.

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