Ignore handshake debate, urges government


CHIEF Government spokesperson Ronnie Shikapwasha has urged the people of Zambia to ignore allegations that Chief Justice Ernest Sakala refused to shake the hand of Patriotic Front leader Michael Sata at the funeral of late retired Supreme Court judge Peter Chitengi.
Lieutenant-General Shikapwasha said in a statement yesterday that the allegations are not only trivial, but the whole issue has also been deliberately blown out of proportion to undermine the integrity of the judiciary.
“As a nation, we have more urgent and important issues of development to deal with than be engaged in fruitless squabbles over the so-called handshake,” he said.
Gen Shikapwasha said the story which appeared in The Post newspaper the day after the incident only carried a comment from Mr Sata and not from Mr Justice Sakala.
He said journalism ethics demand that a journalist balances a story by getting the views of both parties involved.

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