Good policies driving economic growth – RB


Good policies driving economic growth – RBFrom CHANSA MAYANI in ANKARA

PRESIDENT Banda says Zambia ‘s economy is headed for greater growth because of good economic policies being implemented by Government.

The President says the country has recorded a single digit inflation rate of 7.8 percent while its national reserves have risen to about US$2 billion.

Mr Banda said prudent economic policies implemented by government during the financial crisis, have seen Zambia attain positive macro-economic indicators.

He was speaking at a state banquet held in his honour by his Turkish counterpart, Abdullah Gul at the Presidential palace on Monday.

Mr Banda said there is need for Zambia and Turkey to develop trade and investment ties in areas where the two countries have comparative advantage.

The President hopes the establishment of diplomatic ties will enhance the levels of trade between the two countries.

And President Gul said Mr.

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