No violence, Siliya tells PF’s Lubinda


MMD spokesperson Dora Siliya has told PF spokesperson Given Lubinda that there is no excuse for his agitating violence no matter the provocation. She said it is wrong for Mr Lubinda to support PF cadres who almost assaulted former President Frederick Chiluba in Ndola.
Ms Siliya was reacting to a story published in yesterday’s edition of The Post in which it was reported that suspected PF cadres in Ndola went to the Bank of Zambia Lodge where Dr Chiluba was lodging and threatened to beat him up.
Mr Lubinda said it is likely that Dr Chiluba provoked the cadres and that he deserved to be roughed up. Ms Siliya said it is shameful for Mr Lubinda, as a leader, to condone violence.
“In politics, there is no room for violence no matter how much one is provoked. The MMD is shocked that Mr Lubinda can encourage violence…the only politician who encourages violence is one who has run out of ideas and has nothing to offer the people,” she said.

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