Study bank notes, BoZ urges Zambians


THE Bank of Zambia (BOZ) has encouraged the public to study and know the banknotes better if they have to detect and avoid counterfeit notes. BOZ deputy governor, Denny Kalyalya said in Ndola recently that Zambians could avoid the risk of dealing with counterfeit notes if they took time to study and know their currency better.
“It is easy to receive counterfeit notes from the markets, shops, schools, nightclubs and streets, but if one took time to know the features found on the notes, they could avoid falling prey to such risks,” said Dr Kalyalya.
He said the public needed to look out for features like the security thread on the right side of the paper notes running from the peak of the eagle on the K50,000, K20,000, K10,000 and K5,000 notes.

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