Zambia now 4th largest economy in region


Featured Article by Charles Kachikoti
Zambia now has the fourth largest economy in the SADC region after Tanzania, Angola and South Africa. Important changes are happening, and the challenge Zambians have is to recognize and exploit the new turn of events.The challenge is for us to ‘see’ what is happening and to ‘run’ with what we can see. The challenge is to see what Joshua and Caleb saw in Canaan across the River Jordan, when Moses sent 12 spies into the ‘future.’
For the future lies before us and our children.
Although it is true that the citizenry cannot eat statistics and monthly or quarterly economic reports, the new realities demand creative thinking so that the emerging opportunities are not missed.
One new development that directly affects daily lives of households is the uniformity of fuel prices being introduced countrywide, following a chain of reductions in mealie-meal prices.

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