Attacks on judiciary worrry Chief Justice


Attacks on judiciary worrry Chief JusticeBy Times ReporterCHIEF Justice Ernest Sakala has expressed concern about the growing culture of people with cases in courts attacking the Judiciary.Mr Sakala said as head of the Judiciary, he was even more concerned because the Judiciary was not in a position to defend itself against such attacks since by convention and tradition, the institution ought not to respond to such criticisms. He was responding a concerned citizen, Mr Brebner Changala who wrote to Mr Justice Sakala complaining that the Judiciary should not continue to be under siege because of its strategic value to the nation.”As the head of the Judiciary, I am more than concerned with the culture that has developed in our country of maliciously attacking the judiciary and the individual judges. “What is more shocking is that the people attacking the judiciary are the very people who have their cases pending before the courts of law,” Mr Sakala said.

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