Reducing donor dependency, a 2011 Govt strategy


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SELF-RELIANCE is having pride and being independent to make decisions that are not tied to external factors. Be it at macro and micro level, self- sustainability is equally a good measure of a strong economy. Not only does dependency remove pride, it also compromises on key social aspects such as the food security of the nation.
This time around, the Zambian Government through the Minister of Finance and National Planning Situmbeko Musokotwane has announced a drastic reduction in donor funding to the Budget. This is a steady departure from previous trends where the national Budget was heavily subsidised by donors.
Next year’s Budget is worth K20.5 trillion. This time around the donor component in the Budget has been reduced.  Only 17.3 per cent of it will be externally financed.
Most of the funding will be from local revenue and domestic borrowing.

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