Sata too weak for President Banda, says US intelligence


AMERICAN Intelligence sources have disputed the Economist Intelligence Unit report on a tight race between President Rupiah Banda and opposition leader Michael Sata in next year’s elections saying it concentrated on European interests and their view of developments in Zambia.
This is because the United Party for National Development and the Patriotic Front pact had become too fragile to mount a serious challenge to the ruling MMD.
THE sources said the EIU report should not be believed at face value because Western countries that the EIU does not represent had different views. They were commenting on the EIU report published in The Post, that spoke of a tight race between President Banda and Mr Sata of the PF.
The sources said there were more donors not represented by the EIU who were more interested in maintaining the status quo because President Banda’s stable character gave more assurance for world security.

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