Barotse debate can hurt economy — ZIPAR


THE Zambia Institute of Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR) has said the continued debate about de-linking Western Province from the rest of the country is unhealthy and can hurt the economy if it is allowed to continue.
ZIPAR executive director Mwilola Imakando in an interview in Lusaka yesterday said a few disgruntled individuals calling for such a step did not have the support of the people of Western Province.
He said Western Province alone does not have the capacity to run on its own but that all the nine provinces were inter-related and shared the country’s wealth.
Dr Imakando, a former Economics Association of Zambia president, said there was a lot of wisdom in the decision by the country’s forefathers to sign the Barotseland Agreement and move as one nation.
“Each province in Zambia has unique wealth which must continue to be synergised and that is the sense that our forefathers saw in forming Zambia.

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