Zambia starts 2011 African Growth forum preparations


ZAMBIA’s Ambassador to the United States (US) Sheila Siwela has started preparatory meetings for the 2011 African Growth Opportunity Act (AGOA) forum to be held in Lusaka with a number of consultative meetings held with various stakeholders.
Ms Siwela is optimistic that the AGOA forum scheduled to take place in Lusaka from 7th to 8th June, 2011 will be a success.
The Ambassador said this in a statement issued by Zambia’s US first secretary for press Ben Kangwa.
Ms Siwela has held a number of consultative meetings with various stakeholders, including African ambassadors, officials from the Department of State, United States Trade Representative for Africa as well as the Corporate Council on Africa. She described her engagement with the various officials as fruitful.

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